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At Deliciously, we are a small team passionate about food and travel. We thought it would be nice to tell you the story of Deliciously and let you see a little bit of who's behind the app, so here we are!

The team

Anne, our founder & CEO, passionate for cooking and exploration

Franck, co-founder & COO, FrenchTech and travel freak

Alexandre, our CTO, aka the code boss.

She has been traveling since she was a child and has always been passionate about everything that is eaten. After writing two books, "Happy World Food", a collection of 80 recipes brought back from her travels, and "Food Trotter Thailand", a travel guide that takes cooking as an angle of discovery, Anne created Deliciously, an application that lists authentic restaurants around the world. Her travel destinations are often culinary: Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey? Her favorite badges in the app are "Exotic" and "Crush", of course.

Globe trotter, adventurer, former guide specialized in adventure travel, he is also former photo and video reporter of Gamma press agency. Eclectic, he founded or co-founded numerous tech startups. At the restaurant, he is worse than the worst of the food instagramers, and no question of plunging his fork into his plate before his shooting is over. Moreover, his favorite badges in Deliciously are "Eyes pleasure" but also "Business lunch" to combine good food and business meeting... His favorite destinations are Nepal (for trekking), Buenos Aires (for Tango) and Myanmar.

We can no longer do anything without him. It's simple, he's the perfect CTO.
Friendly, cooking lover, smart and creative, he also knows how to thwart all technical problems in a snap. A curiosity, we tell you. His favorite badges are “Aperitif” and “Carnivore”.

Louise, our creative

sales manager

Louise is the one who always has a thousand ideas per minute. She is able to take on the most jaded interlocutor in her world. Everything is bursting in her head, she is an eternal optimist and she brings incredible energy to the company. She is a great traveler and you can feel it every single day. Her favorite badges are "Roots" and "Original".

Jade, our Shiva of 

digital marketing

Social networks no longer hold any secrets for her! Both sensitive and tenacious, Jade enjoys expressing her passions and doesn't do things by halves. She is also a true geek who knows how to outsmart all technical issues very efficiently. She is also the boss of the entire community of local contributors. Going to find the passionate person who will help us find the best restaurants in Reykjavík is her daily job! Her favorite badges are “Evasion” and “Aperitif”.

Léa, our radiant press

relationship manager

Armed with her press releases and her legendary phrasing, she is ready to make us known around the world.

She is the youngest on the team, but she is passionate, persistent and caring.

It is the sunshine of the open space. His favorite badges are "Good mood" and "Terrasse".

Olympe, our super graphic designer.

It is thanks to her that you have that nice photo carousel when you click on a restaurant. She has an unparalleled talent for making you hungry at all times. Her mother is Italian and her dad is Vietnamese. She loves Korea and reads Korean fluently. Her favorite badges are “Sugar addict” and “Beautiful presentation”.

Kevin, our full stack developer

 Wikipedia defines the term full stack by "handy developer". And it is true he knows how to develop and fix nearly anything! It is our quiet super power.
We love to have him on our side because he is cool, pleasant and he is a brutal coding machine. His favorite badges are "Poland", from his origin, and "zen" for his mood.

Vincent, our Android man.

He's Thai but that's not why we wanted him to join our team (but it was a plus).
Yes, yes, it's true ! He always has a smile, works fast and well. We are all holding back so as not to steal his lunch at noon when he brings back dishes prepared by his family. His favorite badges are “Evasion” and “Street food”.

They passed by with us and left a little bit of them in what is Deliciously today

Célia, our talented

UX / UI designer

Ghezlene, our dazzling digital marketing manager

Laetitia, our discreet little Polish pearl

She's the one who draws the cute little drawings on the badges. She's in charge of the com media, fine-tuning the app design, and making sure to improve the user experience over and over again. A real coffee shop addict, she likes warm places and finds tea rooms and other places with cocooning decoration. She is fascinated by Japan and the "Cosy" and "Romantic" badges are her favorites in Deliciously.

She is the one who answers you on social networks and who we hear laughing on filmed interviews with our chefs. A true bistro-freak, she is on the lookout for the great Parisian tables. She loves to eat French and is a fan of the "Good mood" badge! She's also our team's little sugar beak, and if she were a badge herself, it would definitely be "Cravings". She is Lebanese & Algerian and she loves to travel.

She has just joined the team to help us build community and already, everyone loves her... She speaks fluent Polish and her favorite badges are "Veggie friendly" and "Zen". 

They have been with us from the start

Chloé aka Chloé BouiBoui, our fairy godmother

She is our expert in small canteens in France and around the world. She has worked more than 10 years in the tourism industry, and runs the superb blog Always in the sharing and generosity, she is very interested in the human side and makes portraits of big-hearted owners. She is a little bit the godmother of Deliciously and she accompanies us with her benevolent glance. On the travel side, Sri Lanka and Taiwan are her latest discoveries. Her favorite badges in Deliciously are "Nice team" and "Canteen".

Anna, our international


Journalist for many tourist guidebooks, Anna is English and spends her time visiting good addresses. This is her hard job. At Deliciously, she manages the international development and brings her good mood and enthusiasm to the project. Her favorite badges are "Happy mess" and "Easy going". 

Antoine, our graphic designer with golden hands who gave life to the App

He's the one that refines the small designs of the Deliciously application. He's also the one who retrieved the first drafts of the app drawn by hand on notebook pages and made the very first mock-ups. He has two adorable little girls and his favorite badge is therefore "Kid friendly".

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